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Not that long ago my wife (of more years that we want to admit) went through a rough time but emerged with the realization that life is way to short and is meant to be experienced fully. Denise immersed herself in the Bellydance culture for the exercise, then the freedom of expression, and ultimately the diverse and unique relationships that form within this artistic community. We have met many wonderful people whom we now consider part of our family and I am sure we will meet many more during our odyssey. The time and effort that Dragonvein Studios donates to our dance productions is for the dance and the dancers; all we ask is that you enjoy and support each other as so many have supported us.
The two universal truths of our world are the dance and the smile.....
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Nancy aka “icy” has danced all her life, but found her way into belly dance in late 2001 while attending a wedding in Bellevue, WA. FatChanceBellyDance® was enchanting and mesmerizing; and Nancy was drawn into their performance completely - it was so unexpected. Early on in 2002, Nancy started down her path into ATS®/Tribal belly dance and in 2009 founded ucanto bellydance.Nancy learned a mixture of vocabularies within the Tribal community allowing her to perform in a wide variety of events comfortably – both internationally and locally, with troupes and soloing, from private parties to large international festivals and in promotional videos
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HipTwist on Bourbon Street